IFA 2013: Thanks to AKG, JBL & Harman!

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First of all, before I start on this post I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for me in the AKG Insiders competition as without you guys voting for me I would not have been given the opportunity to attend this event. I still cant believe 1280 people headed over to Facebook to vote for me, that’s quite flattering and very cool to realise I have some great fans. I woke up on the Thursday at 5am as I had to be at Heathrow airport at 9am for my flight to Berlin. As you can imagine I was shattered after for some reason the night before going to bed at 3am but either way I was excited to get this trip under way.




After arriving at the event straight from my flight in to Berlin’s Tegel airport I was greeted by Sam and Marco who are some UK PR guys for Harman. An absolutely fantastic set of guys. I was made to feel like a true appreciated guest and in VIP style as offered free food and drink from the very first minute. I was then introduced to a lot of the EU Harman employees from the PR and marketing sector. We then went on to our product tours of each of the Harman brands. JBL audio, AKG and Harman Kardon.




The new products looked absolutely amazing and I cannot wait to feature them on my website and on my YouTube channel so stay tuned for that guys and I will show you them just before they are released. After our product tours we then got to chill out in the lounge with free food and drink again. After a short while we all jumped in a taxi and headed back to the hotel. After 2-3 hours of chill time in the hotel and filming a few vlog’s it was time to head down to the lobby for a few drinks then off out for a meal with all the Harman guys and some UK journalists. We ended up going to a very high class Italian restaurant recommended by Marco with his Italian background. the food was amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and company.


After the meal we headed to ‘Harry’s bar’ which is a well known by all the UK Journalists as the place to be at night after the IFA event. I met some great guys and some fantastic contacts from the BBC, WhatHiFi and T3 magazine. As the time approached 3:30am it was time to head back to the hotel for 4 hours sleep to be ready to head to IFA again the next day. Considering these guys had pretty important roles at IFA for Harman, they were surprisingly outgoing and a lot of fun.




The next day I arose from my bed at 8am and texted Sam and Marco to see if they were awake. I met the guys in the hotel lobby at 9:30 and we headed straight to IFA. When we got to Harman area in IFA we were greeted with some well needed food and hot drinks. It was then my time to go and check out the rest of the event. I made a point of walking round the whole event but making short stops at the LG and Samsung rooms which were absolutely sensational and mind blowing. There were over 1500 companies showcased at IFA and I only had 4 hours to stopping at every booth was not an option but it sure was great to attend the event and see for myself what IFA was like.


The time for 2pm and I headed back to the Harman area for my interview with a Harman representative. After this was completed there was only a few hours left for me to chill before I have to head back to Berlin’s Tegel airport for my flight back to London Heathrow. I finally left the event saying a goodbye to all the people who I had met, the trip was amazing and I would love to be invited back by the Harman guys in 2014!




A big thanks goes out to Sam, Marco, Mark, and all the other Harman representatives. All the UK journalists and media guys I met and an especially a huge thanks to AKG for making it possible for me to attend the event and to every single one of you guys who voted for me. It was an amazing opportunity.


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