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Eurogamer has always been an event I have wanted to attend. This year I was in a position to go and get time off work so I finally thought, lets go for it. I planned to attend on the first 2 days of the event which was the Thursday and Friday. I set off at 5:30am on Thursday the 26th of September in the car to drive to Osterley to park the car and get the tube to Earl’s Court. The drive was 1 hour and the tube was about 20 minutes so overall it was a good and quick trip. I did stop for a McDonald’s breakfast and to have a short nap as I didn’t get to bed till late the night before but I eventually arrived at Earls court around 8:30 am.




I planned to meet up with JSHD at 9am, which went to plan and he phoned me. Me and Jack had spoken on-line for a few years now and thought this would be the best opportunity to meet. It wasn’t awkward at all and we talked a lot, was great to finally meet him. We went straight in to the entrance for Press tickets and joined the queue of thousands who were queuing up early to try and be one of the first 500 to attend the Call of duty Ghosts booted to win their free Prestige Edition. We however had press passes so we were excluded from the 500 ticket giveaway.


We queued for around 3 hours and finally got to play 2 games of Call of Duty: Ghosts. I have a vlog going up on my channel about my first impressions of the game so make sure you check out my YouTube channel to see that. After playing Ghosts we went and got some food at McDonald’s as we were starving and had being queuing for so long. We headed back to the event after getting food to go meet some people and a few fans also came and had their photo taken with me which was a really cool and unique feeling. We then headed to the press area to chill for an hour or so before heading around the event taking photos. I will add a link to my photo album of the event at the bottom of this vlog.




After walking around the event for a while we decided to go and play Wolfenstein which allowed you to play a single player campaign for around 15 minutes. The game felt pretty solid but to be honest I’m not a fan of playing the single player aspect of games but all in all it was fun. Around 6pm we decided to head to play Titanfall as the queues were dying down and we timed it just right to play the game before the event closed at 7pm. In the queue was JME, ZerkaaHD, Callux and some others big names who played in the game before us. In the group we got paired with included Ali-A and Vikkstar123 and we were teamed against these 2 big names who had clearly played this game a lot before as we got absolutely destroyed. After the game ended it was just about time to leave the event and head to the hotel.


Myself and Jack (JSHD) stayed at the Premier Inn on Putney Bridge, the hotel was great and only a few tube stops from the event. We got freshened up and headed out for some food. The San Miguel on tap was pretty damn good so after some food and some drinks it was time to get an early night as I had been up so early in the morning previously. We woke up at 7am and decided to get back to the event for 9am for early entry at 10am. This was a great move as we were there early enough to go straight to the PS4 area and play a few of their launch releases which were DriveClub and BlackLight: Retribution. After playing the PS4 it was 10:30am and we made the right call to head once again to Call of Duty: Ghosts as the public weren’t being let in till 11am so we literally walked straight in to Ghosts after 5 minutes of queuing and sat down for 2 games.




Once in the Call of Duty: Ghosts booth we sat down for 2 games of TDM on the 2 different maps available to play, I came top in one with 42 kills and won myself a Ghosts t-shirt. In the other JSHD came top and won himself a shirt so that was good that we both managed to get one. After playing Ghosts we went and got a subway and had a break from the event for an hour or so, we then headed back to the event and straight in to the press area to go on to Twitter and Facebook and to arrange some meet-ups with fans and other people at the event. The press area was fantastic; it was very chilled with some very comfy and huge bean bags to relax on. After about an hour we got up and headed outside for some photos and then also got the remaining photos we wanted to get inside the venue and looked around some booths in more detail.


We then headed to the front of the event in the lobby to meet with a few of the bigger YouTuber’s like Callux, Syndicate and Zerkaa. We then headed to the press area with them where we spent around an hour talking to lots of people and then eventually saying out goodbyes. All those lucky guys stayed as they have a Call of duty: Ghosts event to attend where they all got to play the game even more, one of the perks of being a big YouTuber right?




Me and Jack headed out of the event and headed back to the hotel. We then headed out to get some food and then Jack had to leave with unforeseen circumstances. I stayed the night at the hotel and left very early the next morning at 5am to get home by 8am. Overall the event was great but it’s a shame that people with press tickets didn’t get to skip some queues more often and I definitely want to attend next year but maybe attend with an exhibitor pass and do some work on the Elgato Gaming stand. It was finally great to meet JSHD and it was a great couple of days. It was also great to meet some fans and some of the big YouTuber’s who attended the event and I said hello to.


Photo Album –


Thanks for reading guys, stay tuned for more videos and content!


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