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About CazuaLLUK – Welcome to my official website.


Here you will be able to stay up to date with everything that’s happening with me and also find it easy to navigate around my website and also to my YouTube channel and Social websites. A lot of you may know me from the European gaming scene but I would imagine the majority of you guys know me from my successful YouTube channel and career.


I have been involved in the competitive and general gaming scene now since December 2006 which is a long time compared to most gamers. This was the year of the launch of the Xbox 360 and the console that’s took me from a casual gamer to a competitive gamer playing at the highest level in the scene. As time went on I found my life changing rapidly and all of a sudden finding time to maintain playing to a high standard gradually faded away.


I then made my move into running gaming organisations and teams in Europe in the competitive scene which still involved a lot of my time but not as much as playing. Sadly again though I started a full time job and time was very limited and I took about a 1 year break from the scene. After a good break away from the scene I came back, not to continue where I left off but to take a new direction which lead me to starting a YouTube channel.


My YouTube channel was started in late 2010 but I didn’t really focus on it until mid-way through 2011. I uploaded a few gameplays, reviews and unboxing’s for people who know me to see. Gradually my videos started to hit the YouTube search and get some great high numbers of views. This spurred me on to put more time and effort into YouTube on a part time bases knowing I could become quite successful.


In late 2011 I secured my official YouTube partnership and in early 2012 my YouTube channel became to grow even more rapidly which caused me to put more time into YouTube and this brings me where I am today. I now gain a great number of views on average per day and I am involved with many companies all over the globe. I just wanted to say before I finish up here Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting me from day one I really do appreciate all your support and kind words.


Midway through 2013 Matt Humphrey’s joined my channel as a video reviews and all round staff members. Matt is a committed individual that has shown his commitment to the channel and drive to make the channel even better. I also have Will Jarvis making a few video reviews on my channel and we as a team hope to keep growing the channel and all the social media links you can find below.


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